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Capture Timeless Moments: The Ultimate Guide to Heirloom Portraits

Preserve Your Precious Memories for Generations to Come

Heirloom Portraits: The Ultimate Guide | Lisa Maco, Heirloom Portrait Photographer, Washington, DC

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Do you just love the classic vignette Heirloom Portrait? So do I! That's why I offer a full line of Heirloom Portrait products.


As a family photographer, I understand that every stage of life is filled with beautiful moments worth cherishing. That's why I've created Heirloom Portraits: The Ultimate Guide - a resource that will help you decide when to capture your children in this particular style and how to display them in a way that you will cherish forever.


Heirloom Portraits transcend time and can be captured at any stage of childhood. This guide walks through the stages of childhood to help you choose when do create this timeless classic for your children.

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the ultimate guide to heirloom portraits here in washington, dc

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Heirloom Portraits The Ultimate Guide (#11)

Welcome to Lisa Maco Photography!

I believe taking portraits of your children and displaying them in your home helps them feel loved, valued, and important. The classic Heirloom Portrait is a style that has been around from the start of photography and will continue far into the future. An Heirloom Portrait of your child will be right at home next to one of your Grandmother. I love creating these portraits and doing my part to keep generations connected. Let's work together to photograph your children in this timeless style. They will feel the love and so will you!

I spent 20 years in the corporate world and now I'm an entrepreneur running my own photo studio. When I'm not behind the camera, you'll find me playing the piano, walking my dog, or trying to keep my cat from walking on my keyboard.

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"We had an absolutely wonderful experience with Lisa! She made the process very easy and we got an absolutely perfect Heirloom Portrait of our daughter (18 months). Lisa is kind, welcoming, and extremely easy to work with. She had cookies and toys ready for us when we arrived for photos and hand-delivered the final product once it was ready. I cannot say enough good things about the experience. I would recommend Lisa to anyone looking for a photographer."


~Emily, Capitol Hill

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