In Their Own Light

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Empowering Tweens
Through Authentic Portraiture

In the age of 24/7 social media validation, it’s harder than ever for parents to help their children believe in themselves and love who they are. In Their Own Light is an effort to help our tweens value themselves for their talents, interests, and abilities, instead of only their appearance. We can't just tell them they are worthy, they have to feel it too!

Emotional health & well-being are vital to help our kids feel successful & create positive change that lasts. Even the most confident and social children can struggle to find self-acceptance in today’s world. As parents, we want our kids to be successful, and that requires self-love & confidence.

Empowering Our Tweens

In Their Own Light

The goal of In Their Own Light is to foster empowerment by creating a supportive and inclusive environment where your child can express their individuality so we can capture their interests, personalities, expressions, and emotions authentically. We encourage their creativity and self-expression.

When I looked at the statistics, I was shocked! See for youself:

• 80% of girls aged 8 to 10 reported being unhappy with their size

• 40% of 4th graders have dieted

• Over 50% of girls ages 9 to 15 have exercised to lose weight

• 57% of girls and 47% of boys ages 8-12 report being self-conscious about their appearance - not just about body shape and size, but skin and teeth too

Dancing in the studio

We can’t change the entire world, but we can help our tweens feel more confident to face it - and that will help shape our little piece of the world.

How it Works

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Step 1:

Discovery Call

We have a quick call to get acquainted. You tell me a bit about your child and I tell you a bit about the project. If it's a go, we choose a date for a consultation with you and your child.

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Step 2:

Idea Generation

We meet at your home - you and your child - to talk about who they are, how they see themselves, and how they want the world to see them. We talk through lots of ideas and settle on a few.

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Step 3:

Session & Selection

We execute our plan. We create images that capture the essence of who your child is, not simply a likeness. You see your photos directly after the session to select your complimentary print and the photos to be included in the magazine. If you want to purchase additional prints, this is the time.

The Details

What's the Cost?

Session Fee: 290

What's Included?

• Idea-generation meeting

• Empowering photo session

• One 8x10 fine art matted print with matching digital image

• Inclusion in Their Light Magazine

Can I Purchase Additional Prints?

Of course!

Wall art starts at 590

Albums start at 1990

Portrait boxes start at 1990

There Are Limited Spots





Emotional Empowerment

Disguised as Fun!

Lisa puts a lot of thought and creativity into her process and makes it very easy for you to be a part of it. The end result is something you will love. She came up with a great idea for capturing the sporty vibe of our children. She is so warm and welcoming and let them be themselves and have fun - they had the best time!


The work she puts into finishing the photos to get you the perfect end product is incredible. We now have beautiful framed portraits that really show the personality of our children. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to capture a unique photo at any stage of life.


~Chrys, Washington, DC

Family Photographer | Lisa Maco Photography, LLC, Washington, DC

Stay Fearless

In Their Own Light

We all love the little quirks our kids have. They they go to school and someone tells them they are weird. How long does it take for them to believe it?

We love our kids just as they are, knowing they are blooming each day into whatever sort of swan they will be. Do we really want Social Media to dictate the "right" way to look or act?

How much damage does all this do? More than we likely realize. Help counteract it by celebrating that light that is in your child. Help them to see their own worth. Give them their OWN image to hold on to!

Behind the Lens

Lisa Maco

I truly believe that when children see that you took the time for a portrait session, put in the effort to have portraits framed, and hang in a prominent place if your home, they feel loved, valued, and important.


They are funny, quirky, interesting, annoying, and lovable, all in one imperfect package. Help them see their value now, at a vulnerable age. Help them hold onto it through the tumultuous tween and teen years.


Give them the gift of being themselves.!


Your kids will feel the love and so will you!

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