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Capture the Magic: Key Moments in Your Child's Journey

Document Your Child's Story with Unforgettable Portraits

Key Milestones in the Life of a Child | Lisa Maco Photography, Washington, DC

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Are you a proud parent who wants to cherish every precious moment of your child’s journey? Look no further! I’m here to guide you on an incredible photographic adventure.


As a parent myself, I understand how quickly time flies! From their first steps to their graduation day, each milestone holds a unique significance that deserves to be celebrated and preserved.


This guide walks you through the stages in a child’s life. Of course, I think you should document them all, but we also point out key milestones that you simply can’t afford to miss.

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key milestones in the life of a child that you want to be sure to document with portraits

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Key Milestones (#10)

Welcome to Lisa Maco Photography!

I believe taking portraits of your children and displaying them in your home helps them feel loved, valued, and important. The children you have created are works of art. Let's collaborate to create tangible art of them so you can share your story in a way that will last through the generations. Your kids will feel the love and so will you!

I spent 20 years in the corporate world and now I'm an entrepreneur running my own photo studio. When I'm not behind the camera, you'll find me playing the piano, walking my dog, or trying to keep my cat from walking on my keyboard.

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"Lisa puts a lot of thought and creativity into her process and she makes it very easy for you to be a part of it. The end result is something you will love. She came up with a great idea for capturing the fun and sporty vibe of our children. They are young and usually not interested in posing, but they had the best time working with Lisa. She is so warm and welcoming and let them be themselves and have fun. The work she puts into finishing the photos to get you the perfect end product is incredible. We now have beautiful framed portraits that really show the personality of our children. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to capture a unique portrait."

- Chrys, Alexandria, VA

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