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We parents are all too familiar with bittersweet feelings as you watch your child grow up. Time seems to slip through our fingers like sand, and we long to hold onto the precious moments of early childhood—the giggles, the snuggles, and the innocent wonder in our children's eyes. The vignette heirloom portrait is a style that captures the essence of childhood in a timeless way. They focus on the child as the main subject, highlighting their purity, innocence, and inherent beauty. You can almost hear your grandmother whispering "I love you" through these cherished images.

These classic portraits are a bridge between the past and the present. They evoke a nostalgic feeling, hearkening back to an era when simplicity and elegance were highly valued. You may have admired portraits of your grandmother in this style. Imagine your own child captured with the same timeless grace and beauty.

Heirloom Portrait Girl | Lisa Maco Photography, Washington, DC

One of the remarkable qualities of vignette heirloom portraits is their ability to stand the test of time. Their simplicity, coupled with the emotional depth they convey, ensures that these portraits remain relevant and captivating throughout the years. Decades from now, when you gaze upon these images, you will be transported back to the fleeting moments of your child's youth, experiencing again the joy of their childhood.

Heirloom vignette portraits are timeless and classic pieces.

Hang them on your wall to enjoy now and pass them down to future generations to cherish.

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"Lisa is wonderful! She has an eye for capturing the perfect moment and has given us the most precious photographs of our son. Highly recommend her!"


~Krystal, Arlington, VA

What's the Experience?

As with every session, we take the guess work out of the process.

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Step 1:

Phone Consultation

We'll talk about your child, what you love about heirloom portraits, clothing options - all the details. We create a plan, you know your investment, and we select a session date.

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Step 2:


You show up, get your child dressed, and we capture a variety of poses and expressions. While your child is choosing a prize, we look at the photos and you select your favorites.

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Step 3:

I handle all the little details: professionally retouch your images and get them printed and framed. In a few weeks, I show up with your finished products. It's as simple as that!

Read the blog to see how we address your biggest worries!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Of course! If you have clothing you love for this style, we use that. If not, look in my style closet.

I do! I have simple white smocked dresses from size 18 months to 5T for girls. For boys, I have plain white shirts with Peter Pan collar and also a Peter Pan collar with navy piping around the collar.

These sessions are usually about 20 minutes. Of course, all children are different and we want to bring out the best in them. How do we make it happen? A little bit of peek-a-boo, a touch of silliness, and a generous sprinkling of magic!


What does it cost?

~ Individual Heirloom sessions 190

~ Additional sibling at same session 100

What's Included?

~ Phone Consultation

~ Creative Time and talent during session

~ Selection of images directly after the session

~ Professional edits of purchased images

~ Lifetime archival of purchased images both on-site and off-site

~ Installation of purchased framed wall art

~ Lifetime guarantee

Wall Portraits

I offer Heirloom portraits in two ways. If you want something different, let's talk about it.

Individual stand-alone matted and framed portrait

Starting at 390

Heirloom Style Milestone Portrait | Lisa Maco Photography, Heirloom Portraits, Washington, DC

A framed trio, which allows you to display multiple expressions

Starting at 790

Heirloom Portrait Trio | Lisa Maco Photography, Washington, DC

Ready to Get Started?

Book a Call to talk about creating classic vignette heirloom portraits for your children!

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