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Life in Washington DC moves at an astonishing pace. You are juggling demanding jobs, managing a household, running kids around to activities, and tending to dogs, cats, fish, and the occasional reptile that needs live crickets daily. In the midst of the chaos, there is something truly extraordinary—the loving, vibrant, and beautiful family that you have created.

Family portraits offer an opportunity to capture a moment in time—to freeze a glimpse into the love, laughter, and connections that define your family. They serve as gentle reminders of the bond you share, bringing into focus the fleeting moments that make up the tapestry of your lives.

At the end of a hectic day, your portraits will be a source of solace and gratitude, reminding you to slow down, embrace the beauty of the present, and appreciate the wonderful family you created. When the demands of the world weigh heavily on your shoulders, these portraits become beacons of love, reminding you of what really matters.

family portrait in elegant black and gold frame

What better way to showcase and celebrate your family than through family portraits. Each image becomes a piece of art, radiating warmth and love. Every glance at these portraits reminds you of the joy and laughter shared and the love that fills the air. They transform your house into a home—a sanctuary of love and togetherness.

Need Wardrobe Tips?

Download my free guide Creative Clothing Ideas for Family Portraits so you have some great ideas in your back pocket when you are ready for a session!

Creative Clothing Ideas Family (#3)
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"Lisa put us at ease from the moment we arrived, which lead to beautiful moments on camera. She is very talented and has a great eye. She also did a great job helping us select photos and find the perfect frame for each to best fit our home. We will definitely use her services again."


~Alexis & Rob, Washington, DC

What the Experience?

As with every session, we take the guess work out of the process.

Consultation | Lisa Maco Photography, Washington, DC

Step 1:

Design Consultation

We'll talk about your family - who they are and what you love about them right now, discuss styles and where your art will live, what to wear - all the details. You leave with a plan for your products and you know your investment.

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Step 2:


You show up and we execute our plan. We create images that capture each family member's personality in a fun and memorable experience. If you expressed interest in an album, we capture all the funny in-between moments as well. At the end, kids get to choose a prize!

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Step 3:

You see your photos and wall art suggestions shown on your own walls. We work together to select your favorite images and finalize your order. Before you know it, I show up at your door with your finished products!

Read the blog about how we address your biggest worries!

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Absolutely! I run a full-service photography studio and guide you through the entire experience. I come to your home for a full Design Consultation to discuss who we are photographing, the style that best fits your family and your home, and where your images will live - on your walls or in a custom-designed album or portrait box. During your Design Consultation, we select a date for your session. Before I leave, I take photos of your walls so I can show you mock-ups of your images during your Selection appointment. The mock-ups help you choose the appropriate size and placement. Of course we also talk about what everyone should wear for the session.

About a week after the session, you have your Selection Appointment where you see a slideshow of your images set to music. The slideshow also includes my suggestions for the wall art we discussed during your Design Consultation. We'll go through your images and select your favorites. Go with your emotions - choose the images you react most strongly to. We look at different sizes and frame treatments until you are happy. If you chose an album, I have it designed for you to look at and modify until you are happy. At this point, we finalize your order. Full payment is due at this appointment and must be received before I place your order.

That's my goal, of course. But you need to leave room on your walls for future portraits as your children grow and change. Most people create albums of the images they can't walk away from. Or they collect images in a Portrait box, which holds 20 matted images and doubles as a rotating portrait frame. Just change the portrait in the window whenever you are in the mood for something different.

I provide a digital file meant for sharing on social media or with relatives and friends for every image you purchase as a printed product. These files are also suitable for digital frames.

Orders typically take 4-6 weeks to deliver as all images are hand retouched before they are printed, wall art is custom printed and framed, and albums and portrait boxes are handcrafted in Italy.


What does it cost?

~ Studio sessions: 290

~ Location sessions: 390

Portraits on Your Walls

Starting at 590

Child Portrait over Fireplace | Lisa Maco Photography, Washington, DC
Displaying family photos | Lisa Maco Photography, Washington DC Family Photographer
Full Living Room with Portrait over Fireplace | Lisa Maco Photography, Washington, DC

Portraits in Your Hands

Starting at 790

Portrait Box with 20 Images
DC family photographer | Lisa Maco Photography, Washington, DC Family Photographer
Portrait Box | Lisa Maco Photography, Washington DC Family Photographer

We offer studio sessions throughout the year. Read the blog for the benefits of a studio session. We offer outdoor sessions in the spring and fall when the weather is conducive and and the area is pretty. Read the blog all about outdoor sessions.

Ready to Get Started?

I would love to hear your ideas and goals for a family portrait session.

Book a Call so we can start making memories for your family!

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