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How to Print and Display Your Washington DC Heirloom Portraits

Washington DC heirloom portrait photographer

You’ve taken the perfect step by booking your photo session. Every detail was meticulously planned, and the session exceeded your expectations. But here’s the real magic: when the session concludes, a new chapter begins—the moment you start displaying your beautiful Heirloom Portraits. The truth is that we all get busy. You have a lot on...

Your Child’s Key Milestones to Document | Washington DC

Key Milestone Portrait for Age 2 | Lisa Maco Photography, LLC, Washington DC Portrait Photographer

Just after your baby was born or perhaps while you were still pregnant, what was the first thing experienced parents told you? I’m willing to bet it was that time flies. Of all the advice I heard, this rings most true. My son, my youngest, recently graduated from college. I’m so proud of him, and...

Washington DC Children’s Portrait Photography Guide

There’s a special place in my heart for children’s portrait photography. They are young for such a short time, so it is important to capture their sweet faces at each stage while you still can. Childhood is a significant time in life and professional portraits of children are a lasting treasure for parents, grandparents, and...

8 Benefits of a Studio Photography Session

Lisa Maco Photography | Lisa Maco Photography, Washington, DC

The most important part about the portrait photography process is deciding to take them. The second most important part is to decide the location of your portraits. You may be considering a studio photography session vs. an outdoor session. Both are great options, but one stands out from the other.  There are many reasons why...

Certified Professional Photographer | Lisa Maco Photography, LLC, Washington, DC

Classic Portraits for Modern Families

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