Making Family Portraits Last – Tips & Tricks

Here are some ways to keep your legacy in photos around for generations to come. 

The Fun of Discovering Timeless Photos

Of course, you want your family photos to last forever so your grandchildren and their grandchildren have a chance to rediscover the past!

My grandmother and her mother just loved photos. LOVED them! And I had a lot of them. Shortly after my father died, while helping my mom clean out some stuff, my sadness turned to delight when I found yet another album full of photos. Among the many photos in that album were photos of my father as an infant, so I had a full-circle moment. 

Vintage Photos | Lisa Maco Photography, Washington, DC

How We Ensure Your Portraits Will Last Through the Years

At Lisa Maco Photography, we carefully select the finest materials to ensure your portraits will last for future generations to love.

Archival-Quality Paper

We print on fine art papers that are rated to last 300 years. While it is true that photography has not been in existence for 300 years, the longevity was established by extensive testing in independent testing facilities. Portraits printed on fine art papers last considerably longer than papers used by consumer labs like CVS or Walmart. 

Protective Spray

After careful printing, the lab sprays a protective lacquer on the prints to help preserve colors over time. 

Lacquer Spray to Protect Photographic Prints | Lisa Maco Photography, Washington, DC

UV Glass

We provide a third layer of protection by using glass that filters out harmful UV light. We go a step further and provide you with Art Glass, an economical way to eliminate glare so you can see the beauty behind the glass. 

UV Glass to Protect Photographic Prints | Lisa Maco Photography, Washington, DC

Hanging Location

And finally, we help you choose locations in your home that are appropriate for hanging fine art. The most important consideration is to keep them out of direct sunlight. You also want to consider temperature and humidity. And finally, you don’t want them in a small high-traffic space where they could easily be bumped and fall off the walls. We help you consider your space and find just the right spot.

Caring For Your Treasured Photographic Artwork

Whether your artwork is newly-purchased or newly-discovered, be sure to take proper care of your treasured memories over the years. It’s really quite simple! Just dust your framed portraits, albums, and portrait boxes with a soft cloth without using any cleaning solution or water. Micro-fiber cloths are great for artwork – and for all your fine home furnishings. 

The Bottom Line

You too can have family photos that last forever when you use a professional photographer who specializes in finished products. 

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