Should I Print My Images Through My Photographer?

One of the best parts of my job is creating professional portrait artwork for my clients. When I hand my clients their handcrafted albums or install their custom wall art, I know I’ve just given them a piece of their legacy. As a professional photographer, sending clients a digital gallery or handing them a flash drive of their images never sat right with me. I felt like I had only done part of the job and was leaving my clients to do the rest, which usually didn’t happen. 

It’s my honor to capture images that become your portrait artwork. I tried several print labs before I found the quality I was looking for. And I work with a custom framer to get you exactly what you want. We are not creating run-of-the-mill art products you can pick up from a big box store; they are custom pieces built to last a long time. 

If you wonder what the process of creating professional artwork looks like and why it takes the amount of time it does, you’re far from alone. I’d love to reveal this process to you so that you can see for yourself. 

We’ll start with our Selection Appointment. If you want to start with the portrait process, you can read more about it here and then come back.

Creating Professional Artwork

Selection Appointment – After your portrait session, you’ll see your images and select your favorites. We conduct this appointment either in the studio or over Zoom, where together, we look through the images from your session so you can select the ones you want to print. The goal is to choose the very best – the ones that speak to your heart, that you want to keep looking at, the ones that make you go, “Ahh, that’s my beautiful family!” Instead of lots and lots of very similar digital images that sit on a flash drive and never get seen, you’ll have a handful of printed images to treasure and show off to family and friends. 

Lisa Maco Photography shows you framed images on your walls

Designing Your Custom Artwork – I have initial mock-ups of your custom artwork and we will swap in the images you have selected. I use design software to create mock-ups in real-time. I can change sizes, frame moldings, and add or remove mats so you can see what your artwork will look like on the walls of your own home. If you are getting an album, I have it pre-designed for you and we make any necessary changes together. You’ll feel happy and confident in your choices before we finalize your order, knowing that I’ll handle everything from there. 

Ordering Your Prints – I hand retouch all your chosen images and check and recheck your designs before sending the order to my print lab where it is carefully reviewed. My lab doesn’t just run the files through a printer. They hand print each image, adjusting colors and levels to be sure they are accurate and true.

Crafting Your Artwork – As I mentioned above, I do NOT use frames you can readily pick up from Target. My framer handcrafts your order. Your piece is carefully assembled just for you with the finest materials. My albums and portrait boxes are handcrafted of the finest materials in Italy. Work of this quality takes some time to complete.

several options for custom photo framing

Inspection – Your artwork is delivered to my studio so I can check it. If it’s not perfect, I work with my vendors to make it right. Once your artwork meets my standards, I reach out to schedule a time for delivery and installation. 

Delivery and Installation – Finally, it’s install day! I hand-deliver your art pieces to you. Some people like to do their own installations, but I’m happy to arrange and installer if it’s a complicated design or if you know you just won’t get around to it. Your artwork has made a long journey and is now ready to live in your home, where it will bring you joy every day and become part of your family legacy. 

checking level on gallery wall portraits after install | Lisa Maco DC familyl photography


Now that you’ve heard what goes into producing legacy artwork, would you prefer to do it yourself? Or would you rather leave it to a professional?

DC Portrait Photographer

I appreciate your desire to learn more about your portrait artwork’s journey from design to delivery and installation. I just love guiding my clients through this process and would be happy to do this for you. As a full-service DC portrait photographer, I’ve worked with many families just like yours and would love to meet you. If you’re interested in scheduling a discovery call with me, please click here. 

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