5 Questions to Ask When Hiring Your DC Photographer

You’re searching for your DC family photographer. The task of finding and booking a photographer can be daunting, especially if you’ve ever been disappointed with the experience or the outcome.  If that’s the case, I’m guessing there was a lack of communication and direction. Or maybe you felt like the entire experience felt rushed or cookie-cutter, which led to lackluster results. I don’t want that for you, so I’m going to share a few tips on how to find the right photographer to have your best session yet. 

As a DC full-service photographer, I’ve crafted my signature portrait process to eliminate any miscommunication or disappointments. I’m happy to give you five tips below to communicate with your photographer for a better portrait experience, but please know this is exactly what I guide my clients through with each session.

5 Questions to Ask Your DC Photographer 

1. What is the End Result?

Take a moment to think about why you reached out. What prompted you to want a session? How will you use your photos? Please think about this and write it down. You’ll want to share this with your photographer. I always love hearing the reasons. 

My clients have shared reasons such as: 

  • I want to freeze time with my children
  • I’m looking for professional portraits to hang on the walls
  • I need photos of my kids before they grow up

Starting here leads us to a better end result for you because I know what you’re looking for in a session.

Write down how you want to use these photos. Are you thinking about a statement piece for your living room wall? Want an album you can look through and remember your children’s childhood? You don’t have to decide anything yet – you’re just thinking about the possibilities. 

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As a full-service DC Photographer, we always Start with the End in Mind, meaning we talk about the end result and I show you samples so you can visualize how they would look in your home. 

2. What is the Process and the Deliverables?

A photography session seems easy enough. We just show up, and I click the camera for you, right? Not exactly. As a full-service photographer, I have a process that I follow to create images and artwork that you’ll treasure forever. That’s a tall order and one that I’m proud to have delivered for many clients. We discuss all this in our Design Consultation.

3. What Type of Communication Can I Expect?

I typically ask about this during our initial meeting, but please share any needs or concerns you have about your family. Are you worried about a rambunctious toddler? Does someone in the family hate photos? Do you not know what to wear? Share everything you are worried about, and let’s talk it through so I can assure you that I can handle it! I have a comprehensive clothing guide to help you

4. What Are Some Session Day Logistics I Should Know About?

Ask to hear about a typical session day experience. What’s included? What do you need to bring? What can you do to prepare your family? How long should it take? If you hear, “Oh, we’ll just figure it out,” that might be troublesome. My DC families are busy people who trust me with their vision and their precious time. My sessions are never rushed – we follow a general plan to get the portraits before anyone gets tired and antsy. 

5. What Do You Need From Me?

This question actually goes both ways. Please consider prompt communication. If your photographer reaches out with a question, respond in a timely manner. If your photographer asks a question and you’re not sure of the answer, honesty is the best policy. For example, if your photographer offers wardrobe ideas and you feel none of them will work for your family, say so, explain why, and let’s brainstorm new ideas together. 

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The best part of the process is delivering finished professional artwork to my DC families and seeing the joy it brings them. You deserve a stress-free and seamless portrait experience so that you’ll always look back on your portraits and relive that special day with your family. If we haven’t met yet, my name is Lisa Maco, and I’m a DC family photographer offering a full-service photography experience. The first step of my portrait process is a quick discovery call. Please click here if you’d like to schedule one with me.

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