Stress-Free Family Portrait Experience for Busy Families

Our stress-free family portrait experience allows busy families to capture each person’s unique personality while enjoying a fun time together.

Parents are so busy now – they are chauffeur, chef, valet, teacher, manager, you name it – for their children. Especially if your children are young, the days seem to fly right on by.

You may feel like scheduling a family portrait session is just another task on your already long list. We want to change that so that once you book with us, you know that everything is taken care of from start to finish. In fact, our job isn’t done until your family portraits are on display in your home, all without you lifting a finger! 

Design Consultation

At Lisa Maco Photography, we begin with the end in mind, which means determining right from the start the sort of portraits you want and where they will live in your home. You might want a large piece of wall art of the entire family over your fireplace.

your family art in your home | Lisa Maco Photography, Washington, DC Family Photographer

Or perhaps you want smaller portraits of abbreviated groupings collected in an album or portrait box.

Albums and Portrait Boxes | Lisa Maco Photography, Washington, DC

We talk about the images that are important to you and the groupings you want. It could be one of the entire family, one of just mom and dad, and one of the kids together. We talk about the family dynamic and everyone’s individual personality, who gets along with whom, who is in competition with whom, and so on. We select a session style that best suits your family and artwork that best suits your home decor.

I take some quick photos of the walls you are considering to use in my software during your Selection Appointment to show you different sizes, styles, and frames. By seeing them on your own walls, you can be confident that you’ve chosen appropriate sizes for your walls and appropriate frames for your home. Read the blog to learn about the products you can choose from.

We talk about wardrobe choices and bounce around ideas. I give you a Portrait Guide that reviews everything we talked about and walks you through choosing clothing and preparing for your session. You leave your consultation knowing what everyone should wear, the best areas of your home for your portraits, and a complete understanding of your investment.  


Talk about stress-free! The session is the easy part.  Because we planned, all you need to do is arrive for your session and let me guide you. We capture the family groupings we discussed in the consultation and if something serendipitous happens, we will capture that too!  We are flexible because that’s how life works best. To top it off, the littlest ones get to choose from the prize box, and everyone gets chocolate chip cookies! 

Chocolate Chip Cookies | Lisa Maco Photography, Washington, DC

The session will be over before you know it and then you can go on a fun family outing. My own family made a point of going to Cold Stone Creamery after our annual session – we didn’t get cookies! Having something like ice cream to look forward to makes it even more fun. Make your own traditions!


In about a week, you return for your Selection Appointment. You see your photos including my suggestions for the finished products. Then we go through the images together to choose your favorites. Don’t get too analytical here – just go with your emotions. Which ones make you laugh, or feel the love, or capture a personality best? Those are the images you should choose. We review the sizes and frame treatments, adjust as necessary, and finalize your order.

Delivery and Installation 

As soon as your products arrive, we inspect the pieces to ensure everything meets the highest standards. I searched far and wide for vendors that meet my standards, so I won’t give you anything that I wouldn’t be proud to have in my own home. To learn more about how we make portraits that last, check out my blog Making Family Portraits Last.

Now what? Relax! Before you know if, I show up with your finished products and, if you’d like, I will handle installation as well.


You have frozen a little slice of time in your family portraits. It’s fun and exciting to watch your children grow and change over the years. It’s also nice to have tangible reminders of how they used to be. During difficult moments, the portraits will remind you of the love you know is there. During the awkward years, you’ll see the beauty and confidence you know will reemerge. When they finally leave the nest, they will leave a piece of themselves behind on your walls.

We love being able to capture your beautiful family and providing you with a piece of legacy family portrait artwork that you can treasure forever. Handing our clients a new custom album or framed portrait is one of the best parts of the job!

Now is the time to Contact Lisa and begin your stress-free portrait experience.  

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