Is Professionally Printing Your Family Photos Worth It?

Many of us have thousands of photos that live on our phones or in the cloud. Think about that for a moment. Thousands of photos are in your pocket. While that is really something to marvel at, I have to wonder what happens to these photos if our phones are lost or hacked? It’s happening more and more. Are all your photos really gone forever in the blink of an eye? 

Also, keeping our photos on our phones means we must use technology to access and see them. I don’t know about you, but I could use a break from all the technology.

As an art-focused studio, my photography service is focused on helping clients choose and professionally print their images after the session. The goal of every session is to create heirloom artwork for you to treasure forever. Some may wonder if it’s really worth the time and effort to professionally print their images. I would say yes. I have five reasons why it’s beneficial to print your family photos with me. 

5 Reasons It’s Worth Professionally Printing Family Photos

1. Customization Beyond the Box Store – One reason you might not want to print professionally is that there are so many big box stores and online options for printing. You have options there and can print it yourself. You’re so busy caring for your family that you shouldn’t have to add this to the list. Plus, the big box stores don’t offer customizations beyond what you see. I recently had a client who was hoping to match a frame from another photographer years ago in a different of the country. My printer put scoured all her sources and was able to find the exact frame! My client was thrilled. Would a big box store go through all that effort for you?

2. Communicates Family Values – Printing and displaying your family portrait in a prominent space in your home communicates what matters most in your household. Family photography really is good for our children and helps them know their value in the world.

this family values music and each other

3. Printing Priceless Moments – As a mom of young adults, I cherish each and every photo I have from their childhoods. When I look back on their photos, I can remember their little personalities at that stage and some of the milestones they had reached at that time. Photography is our time machine to visit those sweet moments. Printing your children’s portraits and creating an album allows you a tangible memory to hold onto as the years go by.

collecting favorite moments in an album

4. Preserving Family History – As I’ve shared before, I am very fortunate to have photographs and albums from generations past – some of the photos are over 100 years old! When you invest in professional portrait artwork, you are preserving your family’s legacy. Your photos and memory won’t get lost in the cloud or hacked. Your family will always have your artwork in their hands. 

historic family photos

5. Artwork that’s Built to Last – My professional print lab does excellent work – their archival prints are rated to last 300 years. I’ve partnered with them after years of searching for the perfect fit. I’m very picky about who I work with and only want the best products for my clients. Your artwork is carefully crafted to stand the test of time. 

Why Does Printing Professional Artwork Take So Long?

After your photography session, we’ll meet for our Selection appointment. During this appointment, you’ll select your favorite images, and we’ll finalize your choices for displaying them. Three to four weeks later, I deliver them to you. Why does it take so long? I hand edit each image and then send your order to my professional print lab. My lab prints each image individually with a person dedicated to making sure the color are true and accurate; if there is any sort of problem, they reprint it until it is perfect. Then it must be framed and shipped to me. Some of the products I offer are handcrafted your in Italy. All this hand-craftsmanship takes time, but it’s well worth the wait! 

Art-Focused DC Photography Studio

Your images deserve to be loved and enjoyed every day. Our job isn’t complete until your beautiful artwork is on display in your home. But don’t worry; we handle all of the details of your session for you. You can enjoy the process without adding to-dos to your already long list. If you’re curious about my signature full-service photography process, download my Full-Service Photography Guide. I explain how it works and what you expect throughout our time working together. 

Are you ready for professional family portraits? Schedule a call with me today. 

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