8 Benefits of a Studio Photography Session

The most important part about the portrait photography process is deciding to take them. The second most important part is to decide the location of your portraits. You may be considering a studio photography session vs. an outdoor session. Both are great options, but one stands out from the other. 

There are many reasons why you might prefer a studio session. As a DC area studio portrait photographer, I wrote my top eight reasons for you to check out. Which one stands out to you? 

Benefits of a Studio Photography Session 

We Don’t Have to Worry About the Weather – Here in DC, we get to enjoy all the seasons with hot, humid summers and cold, icy winters. We even experience hurricanes and tropical storms now and then. And do you remember the earthquake in 2011? The studio is always at the perfect temperature with the best lighting, so we don’t have to worry about rescheduling due to weather. Except maybe for earthquakes!

Always the Best Lighting – Outdoor sessions tend to be scheduled around sunset, during the early morning, or later in the afternoon when the light is softest and at its most flattering. With my professional lighting equipment, we don’t need to worry about scheduling the session around the sun.

Flexible Scheduling – Since we don’t have to worry about the weather or timing our sessions with the best sunlight, we have more flexibility in scheduling your session. This makes studio sessions convenient for busy, growing families. 

Clean, Comfortable Environment – The studio is always clean and ready when you arrive. We don’t have to worry about walking around to find the right spot for your session. We’re able to adapt the studio to suit your needs. 

Easy Wardrobe Changes – If we have wardrobe changes during your session, there’s a bathroom just steps away for you. 

No Crowds to Contend With – Taking your portraits in an outdoor setting around DC might sound like a nice idea. However, you could end up dealing with crowds to get the best spot for your session. Instead, the studio is all ours during your session. 

Privacy – Many DC residents treasure their privacy. A studio photography session offers complete privacy from any prying eyes and allows your family to relax and enjoy their stress-free portrait experience. 

Easy Parking – We all know that parking in DC is a nightmare. Here at the studio, we have an easy parking option, so you never have to worry about driving around and finding a spot. 

See Product Samples – During a studio session, you get to see samples of wall art, custom-designed albums, and portrait boxes right in the studio. And you see an example of my own family portrait gallery as you come up my staircase to the studio. Read the blog to learn about all the products available to you.

Finding Your DC Area Studio Photographer 

Another great benefit of a studio photography session is that I can customize your portrait session to your family. I want your family to feel welcome and comfortable here. If I’m doing my job right, my studio should feel like your home away from home. If you’re interested in a studio session, you can schedule a convenient time for me to call you, or you can send me a message.

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