Why Children’s Photography is Different Than School Photo Day

Can you remember school picture day? 

The night before, your mom made you take a bath and had you wear your nice shirt to school the next day. You waited in a long line with your classmates, fidgeting and watching the other children take their turn in front of the camera. 

When you finally got to the front, perhaps someone used a comb to smooth your hair and told you to remember to smile. 

Finally, it’s your turn! You hop up on the stool or stand in front of the same backdrop that was used with every student. The photographer stood behind their camera and said, “Alright, Give me a BIG smile…1…2…3. Okay, good job! Next!” 

Don’t you remember feeling rushed, nervous, and worried about how the image would even turn out? While school photos are great for capturing every student in the class and displaying a standard, cohesive image in the yearbook, there is a much better way to capture your child each year. This is why children’s photography is so important to me. Let me explain more about what children’s portrait photography is and why it might be right for your family. 

What is Children’s Photography 

Children’s portrait photography is crafted around documenting your child as they are right now through portrait artwork you can treasure forever. This isn’t a quick photo snap and call it done. We want to actually get to know your child and learn about what makes them unique before even picking up the camera. 

Sometimes children don’t “smile big” and have a sweet, almost thoughtful smile. Some children need time to warm up to a new person before they feel comfortable smiling. Maybe you know that your child is always giggling, and you want a photo that captures the sweet laugh that you love so much. Children’s portrait photography captures all of this!

Custom Children’s Portraits 

Children are very curious and want to ask questions. Curiosity is welcomed and encouraged! We’ve had children ask about the camera and ask questions about me. Taking a few moments to answer those questions will help your child feel comfortable and makes all the difference in the world. They feel like they’ve gotten to know me and can relax and be themselves. I try to engage their minds getting them to talk about themselves and before you know it, they have forgotten all about the camera.

Maybe your child is high energy, and it feels like it would be impossible for them to stand still for a portrait. Let’s capture that energy!  We love the energy and excitement that children bring to the studio! We’ll figure out what your child likes to do and incorporate that into the session. Do they like dancing? Jumping? Playing ball? 

We’ll create a safe, comfortable environment for them to do what they love while we capture every precious moment with the camera. You’ll be amazed at how much you love the candids that perfectly capture your child. 

DC Children’s Photography 

Our DC studio is conveniently located in historic Foxhall Village, the charming Tudor neighborhood nestled between Georgetown and The Palisades with the French and German Embassies also in view. The studio offers an opportunity to create magic for you and your child. We’ll craft a custom portrait session that will allow us to create treasured portrait artwork of your child that you will cherish forever. You’ll always look back on the artwork from the session and be instantly transported to that moment with your child. It’ll be your very own time machine to relive those sweet years as your child was growing up.

I’d love to answer your questions. You can schedule a convenient time for me to call you, or send me a message.

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