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Do you remember the moment you finally set eyes on your baby? Suddenly, you saw the first little grin. From that grin to their tentative steps, every moment in your child's life is precious and fleeting. Throughout their lives, your children evoke a range of emotions that can never be recreated.

We are often caught up in the chaos of daily life. In a quiet moment at the end of a day, we have time to realize that at the center of it all is a little miracle—a remarkable child who never ceases to amaze us. The tenderness in their eyes, their innocent laughter, and their natural curiosity are all part of the unique story that is your child. They can light up a room, and their dreams are boundless. As a parent, you've witnessed firsthand the joy of nurturing your little one and watching them blossom. Every smile, every achievement, and every challenge overcome is a testament to the love, care, and guidance you provide.

Child Portrait | Lisa Maco Photography, Washington, DC

The power of a professional portrait extends beyond the physical representation of your child. I truly believe that when a child sees themselves in printed portraits displayed in the home, they feel loved, valued, and important.

Your child is a gift to the world in ways that are continually unfolding. Capturing their spirit, their laughter, and their dreams in professional portraits is an investment in preserving memories and in celebrating the unique and awe-inspiring journey of parenthood. Take a moment to appreciate the miracle you created, and let the warmth of professional portraits forever remind you of the incredible child who fills your heart with joy and wonder.

What are a Child's
Key Milestones?

My free guide identifies the milestones in a child's life to help you decide which milestones to capture of your child.

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"Lisa puts a lot of thought and creativity into her process and she makes it very easy for you to be a part of it. The end result is something you will love. She came up with a great idea for capturing the fun and sporty vibe for our children. They are young and usually not interested in posing, but they had the best time working with Lisa. She is so warm and welcoming and let them be them and have fun. The work she puts into finishing the photos to get you the perfect end product is incredible. We now have a beautiful, framed portrait that really shows the personality of our children. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to capture a unique photo at any stage of life."


~ Chrys, Washington, DC

What's the Experience?

As with every session, we take the guess work out of the process.

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Step 1:

Phone Consultation

We'll talk about your children - who they are and what you love about them right now, what you would like to capture and in what style. Also where your art will live, what to wear - all the details. We create a plan, you know your investment, and we select a session date.

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Step 2:


You show up and we execute the plan. We create images that capture your child - their innocence or their humorous personality - whatever it is you most want to preserve at this time. While your kids are choosing a prize, we look at the photos and you select your favorites.

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Step 3:

I handle all the little details: professionally retouch your images and get them printed and framed. In a few weeks, I show up with your finished products. It's as simple as that!

Read the blog about how we address your biggest worries!

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Children's sessions last about 20 minutes per child. We get the shots before the kids get bored, hungry, or cranky.

With children's sessions, we typically look at the images right after the session and you choose your favorites at that time. If the kids are falling apart, we make arrangements for you to see the photos at another time.

That's my goal, of course. But you need to leave room on your walls for future portraits as your children grow and change. Most people create albums of the images they can't walk away from. Or they collect images in a Portrait box, which holds 20 matted images and doubles as a rotating portrait frame. Just change the portrait in the window whenever you are in the mood for something different.

I provide a digital file meant for sharing on social media or with relatives and friends for every image you purchase as a printed product. These files are also suitable for digital frames.

Orders typically take 4-6 weeks to deliver as all images are hand retouched before they are printed, wall art is custom printed and framed, and albums and portrait boxes are handcrafted in Italy.


What does it cost?

~ Individual children's sessions 190

~ Add a sibling to same session 100

Portraits on Your Walls

Starting at 590

Child Portrait over Fireplace | Lisa Maco Photography, Washington, DC
Displaying family photos | Lisa Maco Photography, Washington DC Family Photographer
Full Living Room with Portrait over Fireplace | Lisa Maco Photography, Washington, DC

Portraits in Your Hands

Starting at 790

Portrait Box with 20 Images
DC family photographer | Lisa Maco Photography, Washington, DC Family Photographer
Portrait Box | Lisa Maco Photography, Washington DC Family Photographer

Ready to Get Started?

I would love to hear your ideas and goals for a session of your children.

Book a Call so can start capturing memories for your family!

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