Moms’ Biggest Worries About Family Photography

A surprising number of people have anxiety when it comes to an upcoming family photography shoot, but few have more potential reasons for hesitation than moms. As a family photographer in the Washington, DC, area and a mom myself, I get it! 

The thought of a family photo shoot as a mom can often be both endearing and daunting at the same time. For the majority of family photo shoots, the moms are the ones who tend to be the driving force behind the whole endeavor. They usually take charge of what everyone is going to wear, the setting, the timing, and all the other many logistics. 

Thankfully, for every worry, there is always some advice out there for how to make things go a little more smoothly. Below are some common stressors for moms when it comes to planning and preparing for a family photoshoot, along with a tip or piece of encouragement for how to hopefully alleviate some of that stress.

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6 of Mom’s Biggest Worries About Family Photography 

1. Scheduling

The more people you add to the mix, the more schedules there are to coordinate – be it a nap schedule or class schedule – so cut out as much travel time as you can. My studio means we can schedule your session around your family. I have many more benefits of a studio session here. If you’re looking for an outdoor portrait session, I have a few favorite local spots that will work wonderfully.

2. Figuring out everyone’s outfit 

Matching outfits used to be the common go-to for family photoshoots, but the trend lately tends to be everyone wearing something that is different but coordinated and maybe a few statement pieces or outfits mixed in. A strategy that may help is to start with your outfit. Choose what you’re going to wear first and then build the look with everyone else’s outfits from there. If you feel confident and self-assured in your outfit, you’ll feel much less stressed as you coordinate everything else. I offer wardrobe guidance with all my sessions to alleviate this stress right here. You can get my wardrobe guide by clicking here.

3. Children Behaving 

You may have control over where the photoshoot takes place and over what everyone wears, but one thing you do not have control over is everyone’s moods. Going through the effort required for a family photoshoot only to end up with uncooperative, moody kids can be frustrating. So your children’s behavior during a photoshoot is an understandable stressor. But don’t worry! You might be surprised at how well your children do during the session. It’s a fun, exciting moment for them, and I love helping kids feel special. And if not? I’m well-versed in getting distractible or grumpy kids to cooperate without much pain or effort. The photos below show where we started and the final result. Younger children know that they get a prize at the end of the session. After every session, we celebrate with chocolate chip cookies for everyone.

4. Your Spouse Isn’t Too Excited About the Session 

If your spouse is resisting the idea of a family photoshoot or is just not the type to be into something like this, consider asking for a family photoshoot as a birthday or Christmas present. If the photoshoot is a personal gift, they’ll be much more likely to help make sure it happens and goes smoothly. 

5. How You’ll Look

So many moms are self-conscious about being in front of a camera – even me, and I’m the photographer. Whether it’s a struggle to love your postpartum body or some extra weight or gray hair that you’re not all too excited about – remember that you are your spouse and children’s favorite wife and mom. They deserve to have portraits of you. And you deserve to have pictures of you with your people. Capturing these family portraits will prove to be a special treasure down the road. Don’t let self-consciousness rob you of that treasure.

6. Too Much Work

I know it seems like a lot of work to make a family photoshoot happen, especially during the more full seasons of life. But using a full-service photographer saves you time and allows you to focus on the reward at the end – beautiful documentation of your precious family, and some printed art showing off your favorite people.

You would be hard-pressed to find a mom who regretted the effort she went through for a family photoshoot, so stop putting it off and go ahead and book that photoshoot you have been thinking about forever. I promise it will be worth it! 

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Washington DC Family Photographer 

As a family photographer in the Washington, DC, area, I really understand the stress moms go through planning family portraits for the whole family! Just a few years ago, I was you – busy running my kids around to school and activities, busy with my own life, managing the household, and dealing with sick pets. And yet, just like you, I wanted family photos on my walls because I knew – in the blink of an eye – this would all be over. 

For that reason, I give you a stress-free collaborative experience. We work together to create art of your family customized for your home. I’d love to chat with you about a family portrait session for your family!

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