How Full-Service Family Portrait Photography Saves You Time

The truth is your time is very precious. Between your family, career, house, friendships, and everything else, you have lots to do every day. You want family portrait artwork, but planning a family portrait session on your own feels overwhelming. What will everyone wear? Which photos should you print? Where should you print photos? It’s too much time and stress on your already full plate. 

This is why I offer full-service family portrait photography to Northwest DC families. With full-service photography, I can take all the stress and planning off your plate so that you have an enjoyable experience and portraits that you’ll treasure forever. This is a service I would have loved a few years ago when I was in your shoes as a busy mom with younger children. 

how full-service family photography saves you time

How Full-Service Family Photography Saves Time and Stress 

Design Consultation – This initial meeting takes 45-60 minutes. Why do we do it? Because we create a plan, both for your session and for your finished artwork. During this meeting, we’ll go over your vision for the session and all the important details, such as what everyone should wear, what to expect, and where your portrait artwork will live in your home. We’ll create a mock-up portrait artwork design to help you visualize the final result. We collaborate right from the start so I’m prepared to shoot what you are prepared to love.

Studio Portrait Photography | Lisa Maco Photography, Washington, DC

Less Stress Choosing Wardrobe – You won’t waste hours trying to figure out what you and your family should wear for the session. We’ll discuss outfits during the design consultation and I’m available to offer additional guidance leading up to the session. 

what is full service family photography

Enjoyable and Memorable Session – On the day of the session, you’ll bring your family to the studio for a fun and memorable experience. You can trust me to run the show while you sit back, relax, and have a good time with the ones you love the most. Because we’ve already discussed ideas on how you want to display your portraits, we’ll take images you’re sure to love. 

what is full service family photography

Choosing Images – You might think it’s easier if I just send you a gallery link to view when you have free time. The truth is that coming to the studio for your image Selection Appointment will actually save you time. 

Instead of looking at the gallery when you have free time, you’ll have a dedicated meeting on your calendar to come to see your images. You get to enjoy all of your images and choose your favorites right then and there—no hemming and hawing for days, weeks, or even months. I’m right by your side to help you choose the ones that will best complement the locations in your home that we identified in your Design Consultation. We’ll get this important task off your plate quickly and start the ordering process. Just think, the sooner your images are selected, the sooner they can be ordered and on your walls. 

Full-service family portrait photography

Installing the Final Product(s) – After you’ve chosen your favorite images, I add them to our mock-up so you can see how your portrait artwork will look on your walls right at your appointment. We can swap out your favorites and play with different sizes and frame treatments to ensure your final products will look the best in your home. You’ll be able to make a decision faster and feel great about the artwork you’ve chosen by seeing it on your own walls. We get them ordered right away and before you know it, I show up at your door with your finished products!

Full-service family portrait photography

Of course, I use exactly the same process for outdoor sessions as well. If you are interested in an outdoor session, read the blog to find out everything you need to know about outdoor family portrait sessions in Washington DC.

Northwest DC Full-Service Family Photographer 

I love helping Northwest DC families create family portrait artwork that they get to treasure forever. The time and money invested in this process will be paid back tenfold over the years as you can enjoy your professional, custom artwork. If you have any questions, you can schedule a convenient time for me to call you.

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