How to Display Your Washington DC Family Photos

Your family is the most important thing in your life. By displaying your family portraits in your home, you get to enjoy what you love the most. As the years go by, you’ll have your favorite people and memories with you. 

Many clients come to me wanting family portrait artwork, but they’re not sure exactly what they want. I love guiding my clients through the process of creating treasured portrait artwork. Here, I’ll walk through how to eliminate the overwhelm and how you can choose to display your family photos in your home. 

How to display family photos

5 Tips for Displaying Your Family Photos 

Begin with the End in Mind – I like to ask my clients why they want family portraits taken. You might think that’s a little odd for a photographer to ask, but I really love hearing the answers. I hear answers like – 

  • I want a professional photo of my whole family
  • My kids are growing up too fast 
  • I wish I had artwork that showed off my family 

So, take a moment to think about why you want these portraits and what having them will mean to you. Knowing this helps you decide how to display these portraits in your home. 

Displaying family photos
Displaying family photos
How to display family photos, DC family photographer

Location – Now that you know why you want these portraits, let’s think about where you want to be able to enjoy them every day. Do you want a statement portrait hanging in your living room above the fireplace? A family gallery wall leading up your stairs? Maybe it’s a beautiful album that lives on your coffee table. 

DC portrait studio

Decide Your Style – We want your portrait artwork to complement your home. What’s your style? If you’re not sure, look around your home and note what colors your walls are and the type of decor you gravitate towards. 

How to display family photos
How to display family photos

Considering Wall Art – Custom family portrait artwork makes the best home decor. It’s timeless, beautiful, and will bring you joy every day. There are several options for how you can display your wall art. 

  • Statement Piece – A large, eye-catching portrait prominently displayed in a main living area.  
  • Companion Pieces – Two or three images hung side by side to tell a story. This could be each of your children or a family portrait along with a portrait of the children. 
  • Portrait Gallery – A collection of your favorite portraits tastefully designed and displayed in your home. Gallery walls are usually made up of three or more art pieces that can be added to over time.

Each piece is professionally designed and printed to ensure the highest quality that will last for generations. 

Displaying family photos

Considering a Custom Album – Your custom album will hold your family’s story from this session. You and your family will love to turn the pages and look through your album in the years to come. Holding your portraits in your hands and soaking up each image will create an experience that you just can’t get from scrolling through photos on your phone or computer. We all know that Washington DC is a transient city, which is why albums are also very popular with clients who are in temporary housing, know they’ll be moving in a few years, or just don’t have a lot of wall space.

And finally, you might consider a Portrait Box. These boxes hold up to 20 matted prints that can be collected over the years. The windowed lid serves as a frame, so you can display a different portrait as your mood changes. The box itself can sit up on a shelf or on console table to create a subtle display.

DC family photographer
DC portrait studio

Whatever type of display product you choose, you can be assured that it will be hand-crafted with great care and with materials that are rated to last for generations!

DC Family Portrait Photographer 

As a full-service family photographer in the DC area, I guide my clients through this entire process so that they end up with their dream portrait artwork without any of the stress. We plan your portrait session with the end in mind so that no detail is missed. If you have any questions, you can schedule a convenient time for me to call you, or you can send me a message. 

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