The Best Headshot Process for DC Area Professionals

It’s no secret that your headshot is your first impression. If it’s so important, why is it so hard to get one you love? I chat with many DC area business owners and professionals who just don’t like their headshots. I find that it’s usually because their previous headshot experience was either rushed or DIY. In order to capture a headshot that will truly look and feel like you, you need to invest in a professional photographer with a winning process. 

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Here are my five tips to have a great headshot experience. 

5 Tips for a Professional Headshot You’ll Love 

1. Connect with Your Photographer – As a Northwest DC photographer, I love getting to know my clients before any type of photography session. If the client owns a business, I like to learn more about the business to be able to promote and refer to my network. 

Many of my clients are professionals in the DC area who are looking for a new headshot, and I like to get to know them as much as it’s relevant for the headshot session. 

For example, if a client has an outgoing personality, I try to capture that in the headshot. If a client is quieter and more studious, I wouldn’t ask this person to try the same pose I asked the previous client. It’s all custom to you! 

2. Studio – The studio is the perfect place for your headshot. It’s not only totally private without prying eyes, but the backdrop offers a classic look that will not go out of season. 

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3. Choose the Right Outfit – Choosing what to wear shouldn’t be a hassle. I help my clients with wardrobe guidance so that they feel confident on the day of the session. My best advice is to keep it simple, classic, and, of course, professional. 

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Men – You can’t go wrong wearing a suit and tie. A dark suit jacket (dark gray or navy) with a white or light-colored shirt and a tie is classic. If your business is more casual, you can wear a simple golf shirt or jacket over a crew neck shirt. I recommend having your hair cut a week before the session to give it time to settle in. 

Women – Long-sleeve solid color blouses like navy, cream, light pink, and gray OR a blazer or a short-sleeve blouse with the same colors. Choose solid-colored blouses and jackets instead of anything with patterns. Try to have your hair cut a week before the session so that your hair looks fresh. I don’t recommend drastically changing your hair before the session. Wear simple jewelry or none at all because we want all the attention on you. 

Within these wardrobe guidelines, choose something that you like, that fits you well, and that gives you confidence. 

4. Comfortable, Relaxed Session – With my headshot sessions, we don’t just show up to the studio and start snapping away. While respecting your time, we’ll ensure that you feel comfortable and ready for the session. We might take some warm-up shots so that you settle into the session. 

5. Choose from Options – Another key part of this process is taking enough photos so that you have options to choose from. Yes, headshots are pretty straightforward, but we try a few poses to ensure you have options. Remember, we aim for this image to look and feel like you. Before you leave the session, you can see the images and choose your favorite shots before you even leave the studio. I’ll retouch your favorite images within a day or two. After the session, you’ll feel confident that you’ll love your new headshot. 

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You deserve a headshot experience that you’ll enjoy and results in a headshot you’ll like. I enjoy getting to know my clients and seamlessly guiding them through the headshot process. I want my clients to walk away from the session feeling confident in their headshot because, let’s face it, you need to make that first impression count. 
If you are ready to schedule your headshot, you can now book it yourself. If you have questions about my process or want to talk first, just schedule a convenient time for me to call you.

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