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Imagine having a timeless portrait of your child that will be cherished for generations to come. The truth is photography techniques and editing styles change over time. (Just Google “90s school picture” and look for the laser backgrounds!) Of course, school photo day and children’s portrait photography are there to document your child, but there is a type of children’s portraiture that will never go out of style. 

Heirloom Portraits offers the ability to capture the essence of your child in a classic pose and style that is timeless. Allow me to share more about why you might choose to have an Heirloom Portrait of your child taken and answer the big question of when you should take this portrait. 

Heirloom portrait of a little boy
Cherished portrait artwork

Why Heirloom Portraits?

Heirloom Portraits are a beautiful way to capture your child’s sweet essence in a timeless style. Yes, you have thousands of photos of your child on your phone, but how many are framed and hanging in your home? By displaying your Heirloom Portrait, you’re showing your child how important they are to you and the family. If you have an Heirloom Portrait of your mother or grandmother, you’ll be able to add your child’s portrait to the cherished family display.

Your home’s style will change over time, of course. You’ll change paint colors, furniture, decor, and maybe even move into a new home over the years. What will never change? Your beautiful child’s heirloom portrait smiling at you every day. This truly timeless portrait will fit seamlessly with every style. 

Heirloom Portrait Process

We create your child’s Heirloom Portrait by getting to know them. During our consultation, I’ll ask you about your child. I might ask what you love about them and what makes them different. Your answers help me plan a successful session day tailored to your child. 

On the day of the session, we’re not in any rush, and I take the time to help your child feel comfortable and ready for the camera. As a mom and experienced children’s photographer, I truly love this part of the day! Once your child is ready, we’ll capture those precious images. During the image reveal, we’ll look through every image until we find the one you love the most. 

You might even choose to frame several expressions together to show different expressions.

Heirloom Portrait Trio | Lisa Maco Photography, Washington, DC

When is The Best Time for Heirloom Portraits? 

The big question is, “When should we take an Heirloom Portrait?” I usually recommend scheduling your child’s portrait after they can sit up independently while they still have baby teeth – cuz you know how cute those little baby teeth are! The ideal timeframe is generally between one and three years old. If you’re reading this and your child is older, don’t worry – we can still capture their timeless Heirloom Portrait. Feel free to reach out and ask any questions. 

Framing Your Heirloom Portraits

After the session, we’ll create your custom portrait artwork to display these beautiful portraits in your home. While we have curated a value collection of frames that lend themselves well to the heirloom style portrait, we can get you just about any frame you can dream up.

Recently, I had a client who wanted to hang the portraits of her two children in the foyer on either side of the doorway leading to the rest of the house. She wanted them to take up a lot of space on the walls but not have giant faces looking at her, which I completely understood. We decided to create normal-sized prints matted out into much larger frames, creating the big, beautiful statement pieces she wanted. Additionally, this client liked one of my frame moldings but wanted it black or almost black, and I was able to do that for her.

Last year, I had a client reach out to me with a request. She had heirloom portraits done of her older daughter when they lived in South Carolina and wanted the same style done for her younger daughter. I did the same single portrait of the younger daughter, then a 5-expression composite, and finally, a stunning sibling portrait of the two girls together. Since she already had a large professional frame for her older daughter’s heirloom portrait, she hoped to find something similar for the new ones. I’m happy to say that I was able to find the exact frames for her. She really, truly was thrilled – and now they can hang them together, and they will look like a cohesive unit. 

Printing and displaying these heirloom portraits is important for our growing children and ourselves. It’s a gift that your whole family will treasure. Because these printed portraits are such a treasure, I take this entire task off your plate by handling the designing, printing, and delivery for you. 

Read the blog to learn about all the finished products we offer.

Washington DC Heirloom Portrait Photographer 

As a sought-after children’s portrait photographer, offering Heirloom Portraits was a natural fit. As a mom of two myself, I know how fast your children grow and change. Giving parents the gift of a timeless portrait that captures the essence of their child is something I never take for granted. If you have any questions or want to schedule your child’s Heirloom Portrait session, please contact me here.

If you’re not quite ready to book a session, let’s stay in touch. You can subscribe to my weekly email here. 

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