How to Plan a Successful Brand Photography Session

A brand photography session is more than just taking a few photos; it’s about creating a content library that you can use to grow your business. You’ll want to head into your brand photo session with a clear plan so that you get the most out of it. Below, are my seven steps to a successful brand photography session. 

your best brand photo session

7 Steps to Have a Successful DC Brand Photography Session 

1. Set Goals – Write down your goals for the session like why do you need a brand session, and where will these images be used? 

Here are some ideas on where to use your brand images – 

  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Branding Materials
  • Sales and Marketing Materials
  • Digital or Print Ads
  • Speaker Sheet
  • Resume/CV 

Writing down your answers to these questions guides me toward creating the images that will work well for all of these platforms. 

2. Brand – In order to capture your brand, I need as much information as possible. I like to ask some or more of the following questions to get a better understanding of your brand. 

What are your brand colors?

What are five words to describe your brand? 

Who is your ideal customer? 

What’s your mission statement or tagline? 

3. Create a Shot List – Let’s brainstorm the ideal shot list for your brand session. Once the session is in progress, we’ll likely take additional shots or try different poses, but this list will act as our overall guide for the session. Providing a better idea of what you’re looking for will help me get every image that you need. 

your best brand photo session

4. Choose Location – Indoor or outdoor? I highly recommend the studio, and here’s why. The studio offers a “blank canvas” for us to create the perfect shots that will work in any season, and if we take your brand photos outside during the summer, you might feel funny posting these images on your social media during the winter. The studio gives us greater control to set up your ideal shots from your list and the studio is private so we don’t have to worry about other people in the background. 

5. Select Outfits – Deciding what to wear doesn’t have to be tricky but I’m here to help my clients with wardrobe guidance so that they feel confident in their outfits because it really depends on your brand. I tend to recommend choosing classic outfits over trendy ones so that your photos don’t look out of style quickly. Try to use your brand colors in a way that makes sense. You don’t have to use every single color, but maybe choose your primary brand color and use complementary colors. 

6. Book Professional Hair and Makeup –  Book professional hair and makeup services for your brand session. Doing this allows you a quiet moment to be pampered and relaxed before the session. You’ll look and feel confident with your photo-ready hair and makeup. 

your best brand photo session

7. Enjoy Your Session Day – On the day of the session, try to let go and enjoy the experience. This is why it’s so important to find a brand photographer that you can trust. The more comfortable and relaxed you are, the more fun you’ll have. Having fun = great photos. 

your best brand photo session

DC Area Brand Photographer 

Imagine how great it would be to have your own content library with brand images you can use in all areas of your sales and marketing. My process makes it easy for clients to create images that reflect their brand and boost their business. Instead of scrambling for images, you’ll have your own vault with pictures connecting your business to the right customer.

If you have questions or want to book a consultation, please schedule a convenient time.

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