The Power of Printed Family Portrait Artwork

As a family photographer in Washington, DC, I’m grateful to have worked with many wonderful families over the years. I have noticed that while many families come to me wanting a family portrait taken, not all realize the importance of printing and displaying these treasured portraits in their homes.

Printing family portraits is incredibly important, and I want to explain why in this blog post. Watch my video below and read my reasons why there is power in printed portrait artwork. 

Technology Fails 

While technology has made it easier than ever to take and store digital photographs, it’s not always reliable. Digital files are susceptible to corruption, data loss, and technical issues. Hard drives can fail, cloud storage services can shut down or accidentally delete files, or your smartphone can lose data or stop working. Even platforms like Facebook or Instagram can shut down or delete photos without warning. Most people don’t back up their digital photos regularly, and even if they do, what would happen if we didn’t have access to the Internet?

Printed photos, however, can last for generations if properly stored and cared for. You can ensure that your printed photos last by using high-quality paper and ink, storing them in archival-quality photo albums or frames, and avoiding exposing them to direct sunlight or extreme temperatures.

Plus, printed photos are accessible to everyone, regardless of technical expertise. They do not require any special software or devices to view. You can share them with family and friends without worrying about compatibility issues or internet connectivity. 

How to display family photos

Engage the Senses 

Holding a printed photo in your hand is a unique experience that digital files cannot replicate. Printed photos have a physical weight and texture that can evoke emotions and memories. They also make great gifts for loved ones, who can hold onto and cherish them forever. Printed photos are also a great mechanism for reminiscing and sharing stories with family and friends, as they can pass them around and look at them together.

Engaging the Senses by Holding Photos in your Hands | Lisa Maco Photography, LLC

Custom Home and Office Décor 

Portrait artwork makes a wonderful addition to any home or office decor. You can display them on walls, shelves, mantels, or even on a dedicated photo wall. You can choose frames that match your decor or opt for a classic look with simple black frames. You can also get creative with your displays, such as creating a gallery wall with different sizes and styles of frames. 

Don’t leave your family portraits at home. Printed family photos are a great way to personalize your office or workspace with those you love the most.  When you decorate your office space with the reason you are working so hard, you’re showing your clients and co-workers what you value the most.

your children in your office as a reminder of why you work so hard | Lisa Maco Washington DC Family Photograper
how full-service family photography saves you time

Artistic Value 

Show off your beautiful family in a way that makes you and your family feel proud. Printing your family portraits can turn them into treasured pieces of art that you can display in your home. You can choose from a variety of print sizes and treatments to create a piece that fits your style and home decor. Whether you want a large statement piece or a series of smaller prints, printing your family portraits can add a touch of warmth and personality to your home. Not only that but printing and displaying portraits is good for your family. 

Displaying family photos
DC portrait studio

Portraits are Good for Your Family 

Looking at your printed family portraits is good for you! They can help boost self-esteem and remind us of the love and support of our family. Seeing images of ourselves and loved ones displayed prominently in our homes is a constant reminder that we are valued and loved. It can also help bring families closer together by reminding us of the memories and moments they’ve shared together.

There are many ways to print your portraits instead of just storing them digitally, and I offer a variety of custom-designed products to showcase your family portraits as artwork in your home. Here are some of my popular options:

Custom-designed albums: My albums are a great way to showcase your family portraits in a cohesive and visually appealing manner. I carefully select the best images from your session and arrange them in a way that tells your family’s story. The album is hand-crafted in Italy with the finest materials. You can choose from many eco-leather or linen colors to create a personalized product that fits your family’s style and preferences.

DC family photographer

Custom framing: I offer a wide selection of high-quality custom frames, ranging from classic to contemporary styles. My frames are expertly crafted to enhance the beauty of your artwork and can be customized to match your personal preferences and the decor of your home. I work with you to select the perfect frame for your artwork and provide installation services to ensure that it is securely and beautifully displayed in your home.

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Portrait boxes: Finally, you might consider a Portrait Box. These boxes, also hand-crafted in Italy of eco-leather or linen, hold up to 20 matted prints that can be collected over the years. The windowed lid serves as a frame so that you can display a different portrait as your mood changes. The box itself can sit on a shelf or on a console table to create a more subtle display. If you need any help with how to display your family portraits, visit my guide here. 

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Creating Family Portrait Artwork in Washington D.C.

I take pride in helping families create beautiful, lasting memories. Whether you choose an album, custom framing, portrait box, or other custom artwork, I work with you every step to ensure your vision becomes a reality. My installation services are included with the purchase of framed wall art, so you can rest assured that your artwork will be displayed perfectly in your home.

Image Gallery | Lisa Maco Photography, LLC Washington DC

While digital photography has made it easier than ever to capture and share photos, printing your most treasured memories remains a critical step in ensuring that they are enjoyed and preserved. As a Washington DC family portrait photographer, this issue is central to my business. and I love capturing families as they are and turning their portraits into works of art on their walls. Let’s chat about how I can do this for your family!

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