Where Do I Get a Professional Headshot

Are you looking for where to get a professional headshot in the Washington DC area? Just like with most things, you have options, but which one is the best for you? There’s a reason most professionals turn to headshot photographers to take this important image for them. Here are a few dos and don’ts of a professional headshot to help you get the best one.

Dos and Don’t of A Professional Headshot

  • Don’t DIY – Don’t take a selfie with your phone or have a friend take one for you. If you’re really in a bind and need a temporary headshot, it’s okay, but don’t plan on using a selfie as your professional headshot.
  • Don’t Use AI – AI-generated headshots aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. There are some downsides to using AI because you’re working with a robot, not a human. AI needs good photos of you to start with. Without those, you’ll likely be disappointed with your AI headshot.
  • Don’t Use a Wedding Photo – Oddly enough, I’ve seen people use an old wedding photo as their headshot. Yes, it’s a professional image of yourself and likely beautiful, but you want a quality professional headshot to set the right tone for a professional setting. Using an image from a highly personal event doesn’t fit with the professionalism you are trying to portray.
  • Do – Update your headshot every few years, so that it’s fresh and accurately reflects who you are today. Other reasons to get a new headshot may include starting your career, making a career change, or launching a business. There is a cost of an outdated headshot, which includes coming across as unprofessional or even unrecognizable. 
  • Do – Invest in a professional photography experience. Work with an expert who knows what they’re doing to guide you through the process and capture an image that looks and feels like you. I always like to ask my clients about themselves and learn more about them leading up to their headshot session. This way, I can confidently capture who you are on camera.

Invest in a Studio Headshot

A studio headshot experience should be stress-free, easy, and result in a great headshot. My clients are busy DC professionals with limited time. My goal is to create a seamless experience so that even the busiest DC professional can enjoy the process with great results. 

After taking as many headshots as I have, there are a few tricks and tips you should know before your session. Before you schedule your headshot session, we’ll have a phone call where we’ll discuss everything. Once you have booked your session, I’ll send you my Headshot Session Guide to help you choose the right outfit and accessories for your headshot. Along the way, I’ll make it as painless as possible for you.

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Washington DC Professional Headshot Studio

Our Washington DC photography studio is conveniently located in Northwest DC, so you can get in, enjoy your headshot process, and get out quickly. If you’re interested in scheduling your professional headshot, please contact me here. 

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