The True Value Behind the Cost of Professional DC Family Photography

Pretty much anyone can take a family photo with that handy smartphone in your pocket. And most people will take a decent photo. If you have everyone in one frame, looking at the camera, and smiling, that’s a decent photo, right? But what makes a great family photo? One that you’ll treasure forever and love showing off as the years go by?

As a DC family photographer, I’ve been honored to capture many beautiful family portraits over the years inside my studio and outside around the DC area. I know it may seem like the photographer only has to show up to the session, click a button on their camera, and that’s it, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

There is undeniable proof that hiring a professional family photographer is well worth the investment. A lot goes on behind the scenes to create that stunning family portrait that will hang on the wall for years to come. I’d love to show you behind the lens.

Your Family’s Personal Artist

A few centuries ago, noble families would pay artists to create portraits of themselves and their family members. This was the only sure way to have a keepsake of a loved one. While those paintings are beautiful to look at today, I’m glad the camera was invented and is very accessible.

In a way, the old painted portrait practice still holds true. Yes, you can take a good photo on your own, but hiring a trusted artist to capture your family’s portrait and create printed artwork is still the only sure way to have a professional photo of your loved one. What really lasts? Digital files or printed portrait artwork.

Alright, I’ll step off my soapbox and share more about what goes on for each of my portrait sessions.

The Value of Professional Family Photography

Consultation – Our initial phone consultation is all about connecting. I want to get to know you and your family and encourage you to ask questions of me. I’ll run through the portrait process and what you can expect from our time working together. I know you’re busy, so you schedule it and we keep it short and sweet.

Design Consultation – I come to your home to prior to the session day experience to talk about your family in further detail to decide what we want to capture and the artwork to display your images. I’ll have product samples with me to show you. We’ll talk about wardrobe, hair and makeup, styling, and any other questions you may have. If you have young children, we can talk about what they can expect during the session to ensure you feel confident and prepared.

photos of a portrait box, an album, and a gallery wall

Session Day Experience – On the day of your session, your job is to relax and enjoy spending time with your family while I document every moment. Yes, we want to capture that traditional family portrait, but I love photographing all the moments and relationships in between. We’ll capture siblings playing, parents and children connecting, and so much more. By focusing on connection vs putting everyone into a stiff pose, your portraits will feel authentic and more like you. These are the images you’ll look back on and treasure. 

teen viewing photos during a session

Professional Lighting – Professional lighting, used correctly, can turn a good photo into a great one. I’ve invested in hours of education and in professional lighting setups to create the kind of lighting that makes your portraits pop.

sample photo studio

Artwork Design and Production – Finally, we decide how to display your portraits in your home (or office). This part is crucial for preserving your family’s portraits and creating artwork that holds your favorite people for all to see. Allow me to take this overwhelming task off your shoulders and, instead, guide you through my signature process. We’ll go through your images together and choose your favorites. My software allows us to create mockups in real-time so you can see what the artwork will look like in your home. You’ll feel confident and excited about your choices!

creating a frame for a photograph

Professional Editing – I carefully hand-edit every image you have chosen. My editing style is classic and clean, with no fluff or trends. Trends will fade, but the classic, clean look will always be in style. 

DC Family Photography

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with taking family photos with your phone. I know I have some fun ones from over the years. But you deserve great professional family portraits that you’ll treasure forever. My job isn’t finished until your custom portrait artwork is hanging in your home for everyone to see and enjoy. Have questions? Feel free to schedule your phone consultation with me right here. 

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