Documenting Your Growing Children with DC Children’s Photography

Our children grow up way too fast. As a mom of two young adults, it feels like just yesterday my children were babies, and now they are grown and live far away. This isn’t to make you feel sad — I’m very proud of my children and happy for them. I share this to empower you. If you have small children and worry about making the most out of every moment, there is something you can do to feel like you’re holding onto these sweet, albeit sometimes challenging, moments with them.

Professionally documenting your growing children with children’s photography allows you to preserve these important memories for yourself and them. As your children grow up, you’ll have no regrets at all because your portraits from their children’s sessions look back on their sweet childhood as you cheer them on into adulthood. 

I’ll share the top children’s milestones to photograph with you below. But first, if you’re interested in my full and comprehensive guide with all the important milestones, please click here to download the Key Milestones in the Life of a Child by Lisa Maco Photography.

Benefits of Professionally Documenting Your Children’s Milestones

As moms, we are responsible for preserving our family’s memories. We tend to take pictures with our phones, write down memories in our children’s baby scrapbooks, and carefully save little treasures from our children. That’s a lot of pressure! Working with a photographer to professionally document these precious milestones takes the pressure off moms. You can relax knowing that their milestones are captured and printed for you. It’s one more checkmark on you mental to-do list. 

Documenting Your Growing Children with Children’s Photography

1. Babyhood – You’ll never forget holding your child as a baby in your arms. Baby photography helps you hold onto this memory. Your baby grows so fast during that first year. From a tiny, sleepy newborn to a rambunctious toddler in the blink of an eye. Hit the pause button during that first year with baby photography.

parents experiencing the joy of a newborn

2. Heirloom Portrait – Heirloom portraits are a beautiful way to document your child as they transition from babyhood to childhood. Taking your child’s heirloom portrait around the one-year milestone will capture their sweet little essence in a timeless portrait. I have more on the best time to capture a heirloom portrait here. 

one year milestone heirloom portrait

3. Toddlerhood Your child is a toddler between the ages of one and three. One thing I just love about toddlers is how pure they are. They are unapologetically themselves, no matter what. It’s something you have to admire about them (even if it’s occasionally in between deep breaths of frustration). Your portraits of this time will always bring back smiles and memories.

silly toddler with a bare belly

4. Childhood – The early school years are the peak of childhood magic. You’ll get glimpses of the person your child is becoming while still holding onto the sweetness of childhood. Don’t let missing teeth or other signs of growing hold you back; portraits capturing this document just how much they grow. 

young girl dancing in her new dress

5. Youth – Around the age of ten, your child becomes a preteen. I really treasured this time with my children. They were becoming independent and coming into their own while still needing me from time to time. 

young sisters

6. Young Adult -Don’t fear the teenage years. Yes, they’re doing so much growing and learning, but they still need you very much. You’ll start to step back slowly and let them shine in their own light.

summer hat on sweet young woman

Pausing to capture these six key milestones in your child’s life will preserve every important moment and create a foolproof way for you to hold onto their childhood memories as they grow up.

Do you want my full and comprehensive guide with all the important milestones? Click here to download the Key Milestones in the Life of a Child by Lisa Maco Photography.

DC Children’s Photography

I’m a DC children’s photographer and a mom of two. I remember how busy our schedules were when our kids were little. Modern life has constant demands that can’t be ignored. That’s why my portrait process was created with you in mind. The entire process is as seamless as possible, with very little interruption in your day-to-day life. 

Let’s document your child’s key milestones that will be cherished for years to come. In the end, it’s not just about having photos on your walls—it’s about celebrating the love and connection that binds your family together. Click here to schedule a call with me.

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