Why Choose a Portrait Box to Display Your Family Photos

When your session ends, it’s actually just the beginning. While it’s fun to capture all your moments, one of the best parts about my job is helping my clients select the perfect way to display their new family photos. Most clients frame one or a few photos for their walls. And when there are still photos you love, clients choose to create an album or a portrait box with them.

Over the years, as a Washington DC family photographer, I’ve explored various ways to present and preserve these precious memories. One option that stands out is the portrait box. I love that this piece of portrait artwork can grow with you over the years. Unlike an album, that has to be created at one time, you can add portraits to a box with each session.

I’d like to share five reasons why a portrait box is a fantastic choice for displaying and protecting your cherished memories.

5 Benefits of a Portrait Box to Display Family Photos

1. Preservation and Protection

Your photographs are more than just images; they’re memories frozen in time. A portrait box provides a secure and elegant solution for protecting your professionally printed and matted photos from dust, moisture, and potential wear and tear. These boxes are designed to keep your prints in pristine condition, ensuring that your memories last for generations.

2. Aesthetic Appeal

A portrait box is not just a protective container; it’s a work of art in itself. Think of it as a blank canvas, it’s crafted with attention to detail and available in various materials. These boxes add a touch of sophistication to your photo collection. Whether you prefer a classic wooden box or a sleek, modern design in your favorite color, there’s a portrait box to match your style and the decor of your home so you can keep it on your coffee table inviting people to look or on a bookshelf doubling as a frame.

beautiful professional portrait box

3. Organization and Convenience

If you’re tired of searching through countless albums or digital folders to find your favorite photos, a portrait box simplifies organization by holding your photos in one place. Each photo is elegantly displayed, making it easy to relive your memories, share them with loved ones, or choose the perfect image to frame or gift.

4. Perfectly Curated Photos

The fun part is going through your session and selecting all the images that best capture that day, the serious poses, the candid moments, and everything in between. The portrait box collects your favorite photos from one session or over time from multiple sessions. Going through the images will bring you right back to the session every time you look through them. 

how a portrait box displays family photos

5. The Ultimate Gift

Everyone seems to have the “impossible person” on their gift list. Portrait boxes are the perfect solution. Whether it’s a wedding, anniversary, special occasion, or a gift for a grandparent, presenting your loved ones with a collection of photos in a beautifully crafted portrait box is a thoughtful and cherished gift. 

the perfect give for the relative who has everything | Lisa Maco Photography Washington DC Family Photographer

Washington DC’s Family Photographer

Helping you put together all the photos from our session is truly so much fun for me because I know these memories will be cherished forever. Ready to book your own session and create your portrait box? I’ll guide you every step of the way, ensuring your cherished moments are preserved and celebrated. Contact me today to get started. You won’t regret it! 

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