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How to Decide if You Want a Full-Service Photographer

brother and sister heirloom portraits adorn the walls

Choosing your DC photographer is tough. There are so many options, it can feel like everyone with a camera is considered a photographer. A friend of mine asked for family photographer recommendations in a Facebook group and received over a hundred comments on her post. How is she supposed to choose among one hundred DC...

What Goes Into Creating a Gallery Wall

gallery wall grows over the years | Lisa Maco Photography, DC Family Photographer

Gallery walls are a beautiful focal point in any home. It’s a collection of framed portraits of the people who are the most important to you. Once you have yours in place, anyone who walks into our home will immediately be drawn to the real stars: your family. When you look at a gallery wall,...

Why Choose a Portrait Box to Display Your Family Photos

how a portrait box displays family photos

When your session ends, it’s actually just the beginning. While it’s fun to capture all your moments, one of the best parts about my job is helping my clients select the perfect way to display their new family photos. Most clients frame one or a few photos for their walls. And when there are still...

What Really Lasts: Printed Portraits or Digital Files | DC

What really lasts through the years? Is it professionally printed portraits or digital files? I know it’s hard to imagine the future of image storage. It wasn’t that long ago that my kids and I were making weekly visits to the video store to borrow VHS movies. At the time, I never imagined being able...

Your Washington DC Fall Family Portrait Photography Guide

Our nation’s capital is a beautiful city. It has so many elegantly designed buildings and monuments, plus trees and rivers that add to its charm. As a Washington, DC, family photographer and resident, I have the privilege of enjoying the scenery of this beautiful city on a regular basis. Each season in DC brings something...

Why Family Photography is Good for Our Children

Washington DC Mommy & Me Portrait | Lisa Maco Photography Family Photography Washington DC

I want to tell you a story. When I was about ten years old, my seven-year-old brother was doing what every seven-year-old boy does and found some trouble. He was playing with an X-ACTO knife and cut himself pretty badly. My mother found out and had to rush him to the hospital. After he and...

The Power of Printed Family Portrait Artwork

Living Room with Wall Portrait | Lisa Maco Photography, Washington, DC

As a family photographer in Washington, DC, I’m grateful to have worked with many wonderful families over the years. I have noticed that while many families come to me wanting a family portrait taken, not all realize the importance of printing and displaying these treasured portraits in their homes. Printing family portraits is incredibly important,...

Certified Professional Photographer | Lisa Maco Photography, LLC, Washington, DC

Classic Portraits for Modern Families

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