Why Family Photography is Good for Our Children

I want to tell you a story. When I was about ten years old, my seven-year-old brother was doing what every seven-year-old boy does and found some trouble. He was playing with an X-ACTO knife and cut himself pretty badly. My mother found out and had to rush him to the hospital. After he and my mom returned home from the ER, he was feeling pretty low. 

Well, my grandma and my great-grandma knew just what to do to make him feel special for a moment. They took their camera and did a whole photoshoot with him. We were all laughing at the goofy poses he did with his bandaged finger, and he felt like the star of the show. Taking his photo made him feel loved and important. 

The grandmas saved the day by taking photos of my brother and making him feel important on such a tough day. I wish I had those photos to show you, but I don’t! Even though I no longer have those photos, I have the memories. I vividly remember that whole scene and how taking his photos totally brightened the mood.  Taking the photos is part of the fun, and displaying them captures the magic. 
There are many reasons why family photography is good for our children. I think my story above illustrates one of them, and I’d love to share more.

5 Reasons Why Family Photography is Good for Our Children 

1. Showcasing What’s Important – Taking the time out of your busy schedules to pause and take family photos shows your children that they matter the most. You are showing them that it’s important to spend time together and take photos of the family. 

2. Documenting Your Growing Children – I don’t have a time machine for you to go back and see your children while they’re young. However, I can take your family photos and preserve their sweet essence through portrait artwork for you to revisit as the years go by. Your children will love to see what they looked like when they were young and treasure these images when they’re older.

3. Feeling Secure in Their Place  – Studies show that children who grow up with their portraits on the walls feel secure and happy. Part of this is because they can visually see this daily. They know their place in the family and in the world.

4. Including Mom – Capturing your children’s portraits is so important but don’t underestimate the power of including mom in them too. As moms, we usually take photos of our children, and we often forget to take photos with them. A professional photography session will capture your whole family. 

5. Creating Priceless Heirloom Artwork – Finally, these cherished images will become artwork to display in your home or office. Someday, many years from now, you’ll pass these art pieces down to your children and your grandchildren. By doing this, you’re giving future generations a tangible way to remember and know their family.

Washington DC Family Photographer 

Now back to my brother. Luckily, he healed from his wound and grew up to be a great man. What started as an awful situation turned into a fun and memorable one because of my quick-thinking grandma and her camera. My grandma’s portrait is on my family gallery wall, and when I look at her portrait, I remember what a sweet and loving person she was. 

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